During these times of tremendous change and shifting, would you like to feel more fulfilled, centered and in charge of your life? When you harness the phenomenal energy of the 12 powers that are within each and everyone one of us, you can become all that and more. Just imagine!

Catherine VanWetter is a spiritual practitioner focusing in the area of highly sensitive people. She holds a masters degree in social work and is trained in multiple modalities such as Family Constellation Work, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), HeartMath, mediation and sacred ceremony/ritual. Catherine is the author of three books, two of which are bestsellers. She has hosted and been a guest on several inspirational internet radio shows. As a public speaker, she has presented at churches, organizations and festivals in the areas of overcoming adversity, compassion, sensitivity and love. Catherine works with individuals, groups and families. For more information please visit Catherine’s website www.GatekeeperConstellations.com.

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