For so many of us, as householders trying to live a spiritual life, we struggle to find the time, energy, and bandwidth to do all the things we feel we have to do. We wish for a life of leisure, imagining that our happiness depends on the luxury of free time, that joy is measured out in vacation days, and that inner peace is possible only when we are completely free of burdens. But, what if the opposite is true? What if it is only in our commitments and obligations that a deeper freedom is realized? What if our approach to life is not about what we “have” to do, but what we get to do? This week, well will explore the freedom of commitment with speaker and songwriter Doug Benecke, who gets to do all this with his beloved musical partner, Sallie Spirit.
Doug is a lifelong musician and student of the human spirit. He holds a religion degree from Oberlin College and works daily as an addictions counselor. Doug and his wife, Sallie Spirit, share talks and music at churches all around the Sound.

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