In our western culture, we can become very focused on things such as actions, outcomes, and results. We also look for leaders who are successful in these areas. Often, our attention becomes focused on goals. Then, by default, achieving a goal can become our intention. However, Spiritual Traditions tell us what is important is that good attributes be our intentions. For example, attributes such as kindness, compassion, or serving others. And then things like actions can arise from these good intentions. Join Dr. Gale as he shares stories and teachings about intention. (And yes, he plans to play the didgeridoo as part of the meditation.)
Doctor Gale is known for his simple, yet powerful spiritual work. His skill lies in taking complex esoteric information and making it simple and practical. Gale holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Transformational Studies, and a Doctor’s Degree in Applied Spiritual Studies. His work often includes playing the didgeridoo. To find Gale’s CDs on the web:

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