The great scriptures of the world reveal that our point of sacred connection with the Divine is our heart. Spirit also brings to humanity this great truth through the symbolic messages hidden in what we call “fairy tales.” Join Rev. David as he explores a spiritual teaching that has been guiding us to enlightenment through the story of transformation we know as ‘Cinderella.’’ Within this simple tale is hope to overcome whatever is challenging our lives in this moment.

Rev. David left the practice of law to become an ordained Unity minister and has led dynamic Unity churches for more than thirty years. In addition to roles as the senior minister in Unity churches in Montana, Washington and California, he has served as Chair of the Board of Unity Worldwide Ministries, the highest elected position in the Unity Movement. Rev. David also spent seven years as a Director and trainer at the world-renowned HeartMath Institute. His years working with HeartMath’s discoveries on the role of the heart in human transformation have given him the opportunity to teach clergy from many religions and denominations. Rev. David has trained Unity’s Silent Unity prayer ministry, its ministerial students, hundreds of Unity ministers and many churches in the heart’s transformative power. He has been a keynote speaker at Unity’s Annual Convention and conferences as well as being featured in Unity Magazine. David is the bestselling author of two books, The Intelligent Heart and Your Spiritual Heart and he currently continues to present his workshops, keynotes and services throughout the country.

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