Many of us are expanding, but not always in the right places! How do we truly expand our consciousness and align with the Divine? How do we live a little larger each day, remembering our purpose and sharing our passion?
With a commitment to the present moment, we can lovingly make moment-by-moment choices to stretch our comfort zone and break free from our smallness and self-imposed prisons, sharing our gifts with the world.

Roy Holman lives in Everett, Washington, where he founded Holman Health Connections in 2000. He is the author of two books: Healing Self, Healing Earth: Awakening Presence, Power, and Passion and Poems from the Passionate Heart: Reflections on Healing and Awakening. Roy is a 500-hour certified Yoga teacher, certified in Meditation and Healing, a Oneness Blessing giver/trainer, and Certified HeartMath Coach. Roy and his partner, Liz Gross, lead retreats to Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, Bali, Peru, Sedona, as well as in the state of Washington. Roy also does a health and healing radio commentary every week on KSER 90.7 FM. His passion is assisting the healing of our Earth and the evolution of humanity. (425-422-0023,,

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